Average Current Mode Interleaved PFC Control Reference Design

October 11, 2017 by Paul Shepard

The HVP-KV46F150M - High-Voltage Development Platform Controller Card, Kinetis V MCU, KV46, 150MHz reference solution from NXP describes digital implementation of an interleaved power factor correction (PFC) operating in continuous conduction mode (CCM) using the Kinetis KV46 ARM® Cortex®-M4-based MCU .

(click on schematic to enlarge)

The reference manual includes system design concept, software design, control loops design and PFC integration into the target application. The application was developed using the NXP high-voltage development platform. Control loops were designed in MCAT tool. The source code of this reference solution is available.

Features include:

  • Digitally-controlled interleaved PFC
  • Average current control mode
  • 85- to 240-Vac
  • 390Vdc bus output
  • 800W output power
  • 100kHz switching frequency
  • 50kHz current loops
  • 1kHz voltage loop