Atlanta Officers to Use Segway HT Electric Scooters

April 23, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Segway LLC (Manchester, NH) announced the sale, shipment and deployment of 10 Segway Human Transporters (HT) to several organizations and companies in Atlanta. An additional six Segway HT units will be used by the Atlanta Police Department to conduct a 60-day trial to determine whether scooter patrols will be more effective than foot or bicycle patrols, and to boost police visibility.

The battery-powered, two-wheeled Segway HT is the first self-balancing, electric-powered personal transporter that detects tiny shifts in body weight, rolling forward or backward depending on which way its user leans. With a top speed of 15mph (24kph), the scooter's gyroscopes make it difficult to fall or topple. It is designed for use in dense urban environments providing a non-polluting, short-distance travel solution.

"Atlanta is a great city for Segway to evaluate and broaden our product applications," said Segway Chairman and Founder Dean Kamen. "The Segway HT offers a compelling solution to the short-distance travel needs Atlanta and most cities around the world face."