AGGIOS Donates Software-Defined Power Technology

October 26, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

AGGIOS®, a leader in software-defined power management, announced today that it has granted a copyright to the IEEE Standards Association for the Unified Hardware Abstraction (UHA) format technical documentation it developed under a research grant from the California Energy Commission. The copyrighted documentation shall be provided to the IEEE P2415 Working Group to advance the development of the new technical standard for the Unified Hardware Abstraction and Layer for Energy Proportional Electronic Systems.

The standard defines the syntax and semantics for energy-oriented description of hardware, software and power management for electronic systems. It enables viewing, modeling, verifying, implementing and testing device's energy features, covering both the pre- and post-silicon design flow.

In March of this year, AGGIOS received $2 million funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to advance the software-defined power management methodology and develop prototype designs based on the upcoming IEEE P2415 unified hardware abstraction standard. The aim was to capture the best practices from the energy design of mobile devices and apply them to plug load devices to "reduce energy in set-top boxes, televisions, personal computers and game consoles," according to the CEC's announcement.

"Proper power management of mobile, internet of things and wall plugged devices is essential for their efficient, reliable and most notably safe use. The IEEE P2415 technical standard allows device designers to explore all hardware and software options influencing power and thermal behavior and thoroughly test the new devices before they reach the intended users. AGGIOS is one of the founding members of the IEEE P2415 standardization effort. With our technology donation we hope to accelerate the P2415 project, the balloting and final adoption of the standard," said Vojin Zivojnovic, President & CEO of AGGIOS.