Advanced Energy and SGEG Broaden Partnership to Collaborate on Inverter Development for Asian Markets

June 13, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. announced it had expanded its strategic alliance with Shanghai Guangdian Electric Group (SGEG). The partnership will combine SGEG’s power electronic design, system control expertise, and low cost manufacturing methodology with Advanced Energy’s (AE) product testing expertise and control software. According to the companies, the new inverter will deliver the best performance value to Asian customers, where SGEG will lead both companies to market, while providing AE Solar Energy with the opportunity to manufacture the new inverter for emerging markets outside of China.

"We have always sought to deliver the leading solar energy products to our customers," said Eric Cai, CEO at SGEG. "AE Solar Energy has been a stellar partner, providing a highly-reliable and cost-effective line of inverters. It was a simple choice for us to expand our partnership this way and tap into their expertise and experience around inverters, and we look forward to working closely with the AE Solar Energy team to continue to provide the highest-quality solar technology to our customers."

Per the agreement, AE Solar Energy will work with SGEG to implement low-voltage ride through (LVRT), maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and other high-level algorithms in SGEG’s inverter line, to allow maximum project lifecycle returns. AE Solar Energy will be given the opportunity to market its software for inverters, and increase business in China, and expand throughout high-growth Asian markets, such as India, without having to leverage its ongoing investments there.

"We have been impressed with SGEG’s ability to design a low cost high quality product for solar energy systems, and this expansion will allow us to tap into SGEG’s knowledge of low cost design and sourcing," said Gordon Tredger, President of AE Solar Energy. "We are thrilled to continue this mutually beneficial relationship, and look forward to helping more solar project developers achieve a higher ROI on their installations."

AE’s solar energy business delivers highly reliable inverters, complementary BoS products and robust O&M services that allow its customers to secure more solar projects and grow their business. AE Solar Energy enables utility scale, commercial and residential solar project stakeholders to offer system owners a lower LCOE and confidence their PV system will deliver on long-term production goals. With more than 30 years of leadership in delivering innovative energy solutions, combined with a legendary reputation for customer service, AE Solar Energy is a trusted partner to solar project developers, financiers and beneficiaries around the globe.

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