35W LED Driver with 0- to 10-V Dimming and Dim-to-Off Operation – Reference Design

August 26, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The XDPL8210 CDM10VD 35W reference design from Infineon is a digitally-configurable high power factor LED driver with universal ac input of 90- to 305-Vrms, wide output LED load range of 18- to 54-V, and isolated 0- to 10-V dimming. It has a non-dimmed output current set-point of 830mA and an output power limitation set-point of 35W.

The .dp Vision parameter tool can be used together with the XDP™ interface board (IF-BOARD.DP-GEN2) to connect to customer-specific designs based on the XDPL8210 - output current and output power are configurable by parameters. The reference design provides protections for all failure modes.

This 35W reference design is ready to be tested out of the box, as shown in the image above. There is no need for any pre-programming by the user, as the XDPL8210 chip on the reference board has already been burned with the first full configuration set of working parameters.

A simple test set-up can be done by connecting the board's ac input (L - live, N - neutral) to the ac source, the board's output to the LEDs (+, -) and 0- to 10-V dimming input to the dc source.

Reference Design Features

  • Primary Side Regulated (PSR) Constant Current (CC) output
  • Supports universal input with 90- to 305-Vrms and DC input with 127- to 432-Vdc
  • HPF and low Total Harmonic Distortion (iTHD)
  • High efficiency with QR mode with first valley switching (QRM1) operation at high output power
  • High efficiency with frequency controlled Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) operation at medium output power
  • Dim-to-off operation with low standby power
  • Transformer-less IEC60929-compliant isolated 0- to 10-V dimming using CDM10VD
  • Maximum output power limit setting
  • UL1310 Class 2 output for 54V LED driver design with adaptive output Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
  • Input OVP and Under Voltage (brown-in/brown-out) Protection (UVP)
  • Output short protection
  • Configurable dimming parameters, e.g. dimming curve (linear/quadratic), minimum current, dim-to-off option (enabled/disabled)
  • Configurable protection parameters, e.g. protection thresholds and reaction (auto-restart/latch)
  • Low Bill of Materials (BOM)

XDPL8210 control IC

This reference design is based on the XDPL8210 control IC, a digital, single-stage, quasi-resonant flyback controller with high power factor and high precision primary-side controlled constant current output. Main application fields for XDPL8210 control IC are cost-effective, constant current, single-stage LED drivers. XDPL8210 provides an easy way to design high performance LED drivers with various features. Sophisticated algorithms feature flicker-free dimming below 1%, supporting IEC61000-3-2 Class C designs over wide load range.

Summary of XDPL8210 Features:

  • Programmable constant current output with primary-side regulation
  • Dimming with PWM input and Analog output current modulation
  • Supports AC and DC input
  • Nominal input voltage range 100VAC - 277VAC or 127VDC - 430VDC
  • Reference board efficiency > 90%
  • Power factor >0.9 and THD < 15% over wide load range
  • Highly accurate primary side control output current typ. ±2%
  • Temperature guard with adaptive thermal management with on-chip sensor
  • Digital control selects automatically best mode of operation, depending on actual requirements
    • QRM (Quasi-resonant mode)
    • DCM (Discontinuous conduction mode)
    • ABM (Active burst mode)
  • Tunable, digital parameters
  • Configurable brown-out and brown-in protections
  • Relevant error conditions are monitored and protected
    • Undervoltage
    • Overvoltage
    • Open load
    • Output shorted