15 Watt Wireless Charging Reference Platform

May 01, 2017 by Paul Shepard

The 15-Watt single-coil wireless charging transmitter reference platform, WCT-15W1COILTX, is based on the NXP® MWCT1012CFM transmit controller IC. The IC manages and performs all control functions necessary to implement a wireless charging transmitter solution.

This reference platform is optimized to provide the highest performance efficiency and active charging area available, while maintaining the lowest bill-of-materials (BOM) cost. It complies with the Wireless Power Consortium's (WPC) latest Qi medium-power specification and delivers a full 15 Watts of power to the receiving device. It is targeted for wireless devices used in the Internet of Things and portable electronics.

Features include: Greater than 75% transfer efficiency; Low active run power; Low standby power using NXP proximity sense technology; On-chip digital demodulation; Robust foreign object detection algorithm; Ultra-low bill-of-materials (BOM) cost; and Supports any 15W single-coil application using 12V input source.