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Tripp Lite Intros PowerVerter APS

August 29, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Tripp Lite (Chicago, IL) recently introduced its new line of Automatic Power Systems (APS) integrated inverter/battery chargers named the PowerVerter APS. According to Tripp Lite, the systems are designed to be an alternative energy source, supplying battery backup to all types of electronics equipment while safeguarding against brownouts, blackouts and overvoltages. According to Tripp Lite, advanced inverter circuitry on the APS Series produces a more efficient dc/dc conversion, minimizing energy loss by more than 33 percent versus competitive models. Depending on the unit, the APS accepts unlimited user-supplied 6V, 12V, 24V or 36V wet or gel cell batteries. Tripp Lite claims that this feature allows the users to determine the runtime of connected equipment by the number of batteries they attach. The company also claims that the three-stage battery charger recharges connected batteries faster than conventional chargers and protects against over-charge to ensure a longer service life from batteries. Features include two sets of multi-function indicator lights to keep users constantly informed of battery charge levels, faults and APS operation. The APS system is designed to operate in either auto or charge only modes. Auto mode provides battery backup when utility power is unavailable, while charging batteries when power is present. In charge only mode, the APS does not supply battery backup but maintains battery charge. An optional remote connector, for use with APS 912 and larger models, allows users to toggle between auto remote, off and charge only modes and displays LED information. Tripp Lite's PowerVerter APS inverter/charger system series will include models featuring 500W to 3600W continuous output power.