New Industry Products

the Powerware 9125

November 21, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Powerware Corp. (Raleigh, NC) recently announced an addition to its UPS line, the Powerware 9125. The Powerware 9125 is part of the Powerware Series 9 family of online UPSs and is available in power ratings of 700VA to 2000VA. According to Powerware, the UPS is designed to protect computer servers, internetworking systems, telecommunications/PBX, ATMs and other applications. The UPS features Powerware's Fourth-Generation Online topology which is designed to isolate and protect connected equipment from a range of power problems. The UPS also features Powerware's Advanced Battery Management Plus (ABM Plus) which is designed to double battery service life, optimize recharge time without overcharging batteries and provides up to a 60-day advanced notification of pending battery failure. The UPS features groups of receptacles that can be independently controlled via LanSafe III/FailSafe III, Powerware's management software. Powerware offers optional extended battery modules that increase battery backup time which are also hot-swappable. According to Powerware, the UPS offers a two-in-one form factor design which permits rack-mount or tower installation. Powerware also claims the UPS offers absolute protection from power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variations, switching transients and harmonic distortion. Pricing for the Powerware 9125 starts from $699 and will be available in January 2000.