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Switching DC Currents Safely in Enclosures

May 24, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

DC current design and installations in enclosures & panels are on the rise, for example in telecommunication applications, where stand-alone and uninterrupted power supply is a top priority. Thermal management specialist Stego knows the needs of a wide range of industries and provides the right solutions. Stego unifies the dc versions of its products under the name of DC Line and, with the DCM 010, places its versatile dc switch module in the market.

The DCM 010 switch module offers users a wide range of dc applications in enclosures. Designed for versatility, the DCM 010 switches high capacities effortlessly, as is the case with demanding current consumers such as heaters. In this case dc currents from 11A to 15A are safely switched. The permissible operating voltage range is 20- to 56-Vdc.

The newly-designed housing for the DC Line, with integrated DC lettering, unites design and ergonomics alike. A clamp bridge with six plug-in terminals for simple cable connection is located in the lower part of the housing. Stranded conductors from 1.5 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 can be easily inserted without tools. Simply wire end sheaths need to be applied to the stranded conductors. The DCM 010 is mounted quickly and tool-free using a clip for 35 mm DIN rail according to EN 60715.

The DCM 010 switch module is controlled by its own external, potential-free contact, for example a thermostat or hygrostat, and then switches the connected load as a result of the control pulse. In this case, a control contact signal current of 3mA at 20Vdc to 17mA at 56Vdc is safeguarded.

The DCM 010 switch module is designed for long life. It’s NO contact is based on a redundant design with MOSFET components and allows over 100,000 switching cycles. Dust and splash protection is achieved according to protection class IP20. Independently safety tested and approved by such institutions as VDE and UL guarantee objective proof that reassures security in every application.