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Smart Plugs for Automation, Energy Monitoring and Security

December 21, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

While there are literally scores of smart plugs on the market today, PowerPulse has selected three that represent the breadth of products from low-cost, to mid-range and high-end devices. The Samsung SmartThings Outlet, works with Amazon Alexa and is a high-end smart plug. It connects to the Samsung SmartThings Hub to automate and monitor your home from the SmartThings smart phone app. And it acts as a ZigBee repeater, extending the range of your ZigBee devices, when plugged into a wall outlet.

Features include: Monitor and control lights, electronics, and small appliances from anywhere. Set Lights, electronics, and small appliances to turn on and off automatically. SmartThings is simple to install and easy to connect to a Samsung SmartThings Hub.

SmartThings works with products from Samsung, Amazon, Bose, Schlage, Yale, Cree, Osram Lightify, Honeywell, First Alert, and more. Control lights, electronics and small appliances from your smartphone. Power things like coffee machines, Crock-Pots, A/C units, portable heaters and fans using your smartphone. And save energy by restricting power to electronics or appliances or receive alerts if lights or electronics were accidentally left on.

The Securifi Peanut Smart Plug represents the mid-range segment of products. It can be set up in one minute. And it can remotely turn appliances on/off; monitor and save energy by identifying energy hogging devices in minutes. It comes with a free almond app for iOS & Android (requires almond+ or almond 2015); also controllable via a standard web browser. It works with lights, washers, dryers, heaters, in-wall air conditioners, fans, TVs, game consoles.

Securifi's Peanut plug is a Zigbee enabled plug which enables you to control your home appliances from anywhere. You can control lights, appliances (washers, dryers, heaters, in-wall air conditioners, fans, TVs, game consoles) and set rules and schedules from anywhere in the world using our free iOS and Android apps. Save on your energy consumption every month as your peanut plug lets you monitor energy consumption any connected device

The Orvibo Wi-Fi Smart Socket Outlet Plug is an inexpensive device that connects your home electronics to the internet so that you can remote control all of them through 2G,3G or Wi-Fi at anytime and anywhere. You can set a timer on the outet, keep your devices safe with a longer life, never worry again about being overcharged.

Features include: Supports Wi-Fi network. Supports smart configure net technology, easy to access settings. Supports status tracking, sends feedback from home appliances to your device. Power indicator to help track energy spending. Supports up to 10 timing tasks. Supports up to 150 Wi-Fi smart socket from one smart device. Easy installation, easy handling and can be activated immediately and stably.