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ROHM Presents PSOP8 Power MOSFETs

October 29, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

ROHM Co. Ltd. (Japan) introduced its new PSOP8 power MOSFETs, which feature ultra-low profile, exhibit ultra-low on-resistance and provide high output power. Target applications are in portable electronic products such as MD players, digital still cameras and car DVD players.

The MOSFETs provide an on-state resistance down to 2.5 milliohms and deliver up to 3W output. The output power is said to represent a 50-percent increase compared to conventional products. They also have a <1mm profile, measuring only 5mm x 6mm x 0.9mm. The devices are manufactured with flat leads ensuring high mounting stability. A more miniaturized version of the PSOP8, the PSMT6, with outline dimensions of 2.9mm x 2.8mm x 0.8mm, is currently being developed.

The PSOP8 is priced at $0.81 each, and the PSMT6 is priced at $0.40 each.