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PREMO Announces New High Current EMC Filters From 150 Up To 2500A

May 13, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

PREMO Group has launched a new EMC filter series for high currents (150 up to 2500A), with three-phase and compact design for applications in UPS’s, mining industry equipment, energy regeneration converters, and industrial machinery with converters and inverters up to 2000kVA. One of its main applications is in wind mill converters which require high current filters. Its double stage topology in common mode, plus an additional differential mode stage, enables these filters to offer high attenuation in both modes from 9kHz up to 30MHz.

The new filters can be used in high current solar converters (500 kVA, for example) where an elevator isolation transformer is not required, which means a lower voltage and higher current at the converter output.

The high current HCW series has been designed according to the UL1283 and EN60939 standards. They are offered with a wide range of voltages, up to 720Vac and, optionally, with protective covers for the busbar.