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PowerForge Your Power Converters Designs

May 02, 2019 by Power Design Technologies

This article highlights Power Design Technologies PowerForge software for designing, exploring and comparing power converter designs.

You have electricity to convert? Think about PowerForge!

Power Design Technologies and its unique software solution were created to meet the unfulfilled industrial needs and are aimed at you, who face increasing challenges when designing and upgrading power converters.

Power Design Technologies is a French company proposing an innovative software for engineers working in naval, wind, photovoltaic, manufacturing, shipping, electric cars, aeronautic, storage systems... who have to be more competitive: more cost efficient and more performant. Indeed, the market is getting even more fast paced while expecting a higher performance from your converters, in a short time. How can you optimize your time & technico-economic performance trade-off?



Designing performing power converters has become increasingly challenging in the last years and this trend is peeking up speed. On the one hand, power designers need to master a wide set of skills: topologies, component selection, inductor sizing and thermal evaluation among others. On the other hand, competition at international level drives the entire industry toward product differentiation, shorter development cycles and reduced costs. Don’t you feel or experience that finding the product-price-market fit has never been so challenging?

“We spoke with hundreds of engineers to understand their needs and constraints. We developed the most advanced research and know-how to help them design and compare standard and multilevel power converters in a unique Software in no time”, says Dr. Thierry Meynard, scientific advisor and co-founder of Power Design Technologies.



PowerForge is the most powerful software for designing, exploring and comparing power converter designs. Centered around your engineer’s workflow, our tool offers a seamless experience from product specification stages to trade-off of most advanced multilevel topologies and sizing of passive and active components. Thanks to multidisciplinary integration of electric, magnetic and thermal aspects early in the design process, PowerForge empowers your development teams with a unique tool for designing lighter, smaller, more cost-efficient and more efficient converters in record time.

The combination of deep power electronics knowledge with proprietary fast steady-state calculation algorithms built into PowerForge enables the fast comparison of solutions as well as the exploration of cutting-edge multilevel conversion stages in unprecedented short time.



  • High-speed auto-design of bidirectional non-isolated DC/DC and DC/AC conversion stages in the kW to MW range to evaluate the impact of new parameters in a few seconds
  • Native support for NPC, T-type, SMC, flying-capacitor and interleaved parallel cells allowing an effortless transition and compari-son between well-known 2-level and advanced multilevel topologies
  • Mass, volume, loss and cost comparison (different topologies and/or switches, Si vs. SiC...) for optimized trade-off
  • Public and private devices and material libraries including IGBT & MOSFET (Si & SiC), capacitors and magnetic materials allowing a deeper exploration of techno-economic solutions
  • Instant estimation of mass, volume, loss and cost for the whole system as well as detail for all active and passive components for a thorough diagnosis
  • Export project from PowerForge to third-party software (PSIM, PLECS, FEMM) to streamline your workflow
  • Cloud access to enable collaborative projects and multi-user contributions in real time
  • RLE Model Specification to integrate the environment in the power converter design (motor or electric grid)


Go for more techno-economical efficient power converters! Explore and compare designs with a cutting-edge approach in record time and develop winning products!


About Power Design Technologies

Power Design Technologies is a software company specialized in building cutting-edge solutions for power converters designers. With distribution channels in Europe and North America, we help our customers build smaller, lighter and more efficient products in record time by giving them access to the most advanced topologies. PowerForge software offers a seamless experience from product specification to trade-off of most complex multilevel topologies and sizing of passive and active components.