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Planar Transformers for Flyback Converters

November 17, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Champs Technologies introduces two standard planar transformer series the 20R1 and the 1825R1. They have been specifically developed, tested and adapted for use in CCM, DCM and BCM flyback topologies utilizing any standard controller IC. The series is noted for its high efficiency and power throughput deployed in a straightforward hard-switched flyback topology on the input side and secondary side SR control on the secondary side for high current applications or Schottky diode rectification for output voltages to 54V.

One notable feature for these planar transformers is the low profile ranging from 7.0- to 8.5-mm height. To achieve levels of performance in this application space as compared to other planar solutions or wound magnetics, Champs has engineered a novel interleave pattern. The result is low leakage-induced voltage spikes and concomitant higher efficiency. The predominant application space is telecom and PoE power which covers an input voltage range of 9- to 36-Vin and 36- to 72-Vin.

Power levels range typically from 20- to 48-W. The designs are standard surface mount. To achieve lower profile or higher power they have been and can be further adapted for pad-to-pad, embedded or half-embedded mechanical configurations. Champs Technologies also will supply it in dc-dc module form.

Champs Technologies is fully capable of discussing and advising as to their use both in these designs and relevant power conversion applications and alternate topologies. Simply specify which IC that is being used along with given operating parameters and Champs’ engineers will advise the best design to fit. Champs sells direct. Parts are available in inventory. Samples are supplied freely if contacted directly.