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Microsemi Debuts UPS840 Powermite 3 Schottky

February 14, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Microsemi Corp. (Santa Ana, CA) announced the introduction of its UPS840 Powermite 3 low-profile power Schottky diode. Designed for high-density power supply applications, the UPS840 is an 8A, 40V Schottky diode with a forward voltage of 0.45V at 8A. It has a reverse leakage rating of 5mA at 40V, and a thermal resistance of 2.5 degrees C per watt.

The Powermite 3 package is designed to replace D-PAK and TO-220 packages. The device measures less than 1.1mm high and requires 5.3mm x 4.8mm on a printed circuit board. Applications for the device range from high-efficiency dc/dc converters for telecommunication infrastructure, small-outline dc/dc converters for portable power applications in high-performance notebook computers, and high-efficiency battery over-voltage charging circuits.

“The greatest threat to semiconductor devices is heat," stated Jim Peterson, president and CEO of Microsemi. “With Powermite packaging, we not only diminish the threat of heat in high-density devices, but we enable technologies to outperform their previous ratings by enhancing their performance."

Angelo Santamario, vice president and general manager of the Powermite business unit, added, “We have now successfully re-deployed our patented packaging technology to MOSFETs, ICs, SCRs and Triacs, transient protection devices, PIN diodes and Schottkys. We continually strive to target applications where our packaging technology can enhance the semiconductor device inside."

The UPS840 Powermite 3 is available for immediate sampling and ordering online. It is priced at $0.46 each in quantities of 10,000.