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MGE UPS Presents New Pulsar STS

September 20, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

MGE UPS Systems (Costa Mesa, CA) introduced its new Pulsar Source Transfer Switch (STS). The switch will automatically and instantaneously transfer up to 1,400VA (12A of 120V 50Hz to 60Hz ac current) of load power from a preferred source to an alternate, in the event of a primary power source failure.

Featuring separate electro-magnetic compliance (EMC) filters, pairs of dual-redundant power-connection management relays, and electronic control circuits for each of the preferred and alternate source power

paths within the switch, the Pulsar STS provides a second level of redundancy and assurance of reliable power availability, beyond the two-input-sources option, according to the company. In addition, the transfer of load power from the preferred to the alternate source takes only seven milliseconds, when the transfer occurs automatically, and only four milliseconds when

it is switched manually. Both switching times are far less than the 16 millisecond (half of a 60Hz power line cycle) minimum hold-up time most equipment is designed to meet.

The Pulsar STS has two standard UPS communications ports, the STS COM and META UPS COM. Each of the switch’s two power paths

has its own dedicated 6ft long 15A rated Nema power cord, a 12A input circuit breaker, and a 12A output circuit breaker. The Pulsar STS

delivers its output load power through six 15A rated Nema 5-15 receptacles. The STS is housed in a 1U (1.75in) x 19in x 10in rack-mountable enclosure.

Available October 1, 2001, pricing for the Pulsar STS is $540.