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IR Intros New iMOTION 600V NPT IGBTs

June 15, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

International Rectifier Corp. (IR, El Segundo, CA) introduced its new 600V, non-punch-through (NPT), IGBTs housed in the TO-220 fully isolated (Full-Pak) package with a guaranteed minimum isolation of 2kV. The new devices are co-packaged with IR’s new generation, ultra-fast, soft-recovery diodes, manufactured with IR’s thin wafer technology. The new process enables increased electrical and thermal performance, delivering lower conduction loss without increased switching loss. The new IGBTs are a part of the IR iMOTION™ family of integrated design platforms for motion control.

The new devices can operate up to 175°C junction temperature, increasing the standard operational range by 20%. Modulation frequencies up to 20kHz are possible, enabling better torque control at lower speeds as well as reduced audible noise. Typical applications for the new NPT IGBTs include variable-speed appliance motor drives in clothes washers, air conditioners and motorized industrial machinery up to 2.5kW.

The new IGBTs have 10µsec short-circuit ratings, making them suitable for hard-starting, high in-rush current, motor drive circuits. The new devices are guaranteed with a "square" reverse bias safe operating area up to 175°C for enhanced avalanche energy ratings (ruggedness). Current ratings available include 8A, 10A and 15A.

The new IRGIB7B60KD NPT IGBT is available now. Pricing begins at $0.63 each for the IRGIB7B60KD in 10,000-unit quantities.