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Gateview Debuts PDUs for 240/415 VAC 3-Phase Power Distribution

August 02, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The new power distribution units (PDU) feature cord lengths of 6 to 15 feet and form factors of 24 to 82 inches

Gateview Technologies' PowerLok 8700-8800 Series of 3-phase WYE units accommodate input currents ranging from 20 to 60 amps and power of up to 34 kilowatts.

In order to increase efficiency, data center operators are increasingly adopting 415VAC 3-phase power. To accommodate this change, Gateview’s new rack power distribution units (rPDU) make it simpler to employ higher voltages and to achieve the savings engendered by removing the need for voltage step down at the distribution level.

The PowerLok 8700-8800 Series of PDUs. Image courtesy of Gateview's datasheet

The PowerLok units offer a slim design, allowing improved access to equipment in tightly spaced power racks, and offering angled whip input cords that offer a smooth egress as they exit from the rack, saving precious space. Versions of the rPDUs utilize Gateview’s CordLok capability (depicted in yellow in the image above), allowing for single-hand insertion and removal of cords. Cordlock units offer a “positive click” when fully inserted, and add only 0.72 inches to each unit’s depth. 

Accommodating the Data Center’s Evolution to More Efficient, Higher Voltages

As explained by Frank DeLattre, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Gateview Technologies, “As we saw more and more data centers moving to 415VAC distribution to improve efficiencies, we knew that the best way to help customers maximize their gains was to offer our PowerLok systems with 415V input.” He goes on to state that, “Our new 8700-8800 Series models feature the same reliable design and advanced features that our users count on with the input voltage that their newer distribution configurations and IT equipment require.”

Robotically Soldered Connections

The connections between the line cord and each receptacle are robotically soldered, replacing more typical manual connections. As per Gateway, “Independent analyses show that manually created connections generate heat and can be three times more likely to fail.” In addition, it is noted that the new rPDUs are manufactured in the USA in an AS9100 aerospace standard facility.

Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

PowerLock PDUs can be daisy-chained, which will serve to reduce network port use. Alarms on both the main unit display and on the web based software appear in red when conditions warrant. Monitoring accuracy is within 0.5% for voltage and current. 

Data outputs include:

  • Power levels by phase and in total
  • Historical data
  • Alarms
  • Administrative settings

The users’ management software can garner data via SNMP or Web Server.


A listing for the 8700-8800 series can be found on the datasheet. 400 different select models are quickly available, some within two days.

The 400 select models are categorized by:

  • Monitoring: either basic or remote and unit display
  • Unit lengths of 36, 41, 72 or 82 inches
  • Plug type is IEC 309 (IP44) 
  • Whip length of 6 or 10 feet
  • CorkLok is standard

Users can also order customized PDUs, options include:

  • Monitoring: remote and no unit display
  • Unit lengths of 24, 46 or 92 inches
  • Plug type is IP44 (IEC 309), NEMA L22
  • Whip length of up to 15 feet
  • No CorkLok