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GaNPower International Announces New 1200V GaN Power Switch with Kevin Source Lead

September 06, 2019 by GaNPower International

This article highlights GaNPower International for the release of a high performance 1200V GaN power switching device (product code GPIHV30DDP5L).

GaNPower International Inc. is proud to announce the release of a new high-performance 1200V GaN power switching device (product code GPIHV30DDP5L). In a TO263-5 package, the 60 mOhm/30A device features Kevin source lead and small input capacitance. With unique proprietary design the new device can switch 10 times faster (or 1/10th of input capacitance) than its SiC counterparts. Engineering samples are available to selected customers and more details can be found in its preliminary datasheet.


About GaNPower International Inc.

GanPower International Inc. is a privately held Canadian federal corporation based in Vancouver, Canada with a focus on developing gallium nitride (GaN) based technology in power electronics. As a fabless design company it has various subsidiaries and partners around the world. Its founders and management team believe that a sustainable future requires a responsible energy conversion solution and GaN material based power electronics holds the key to such a solution. The company mission is to provide world class products of GaN devices, GaN-based power ICs and GaN related power system solutions for a greener future.