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Eltek Valere Offers Solar Inverter Product Family for Commercial and Residential Applications

October 13, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Eltek Valere introduced the Theia HE-t solar inverter product line, which the company says offers the industry’s highest power conversion efficiency to maximize the usable energy from solar power plants in commercial and residential applications.

Eltek Valere has been successful with solar power systems for wireless and wired telecom networks. By entering the grid solar power market, the company says it is showing its commitment to protecting the environment through its innovative power systems that conserve and enhance resources for future generations.

"Eltek Valere is well positioned to take market share in the very interesting and rapidly growing market for components in the solar power industry," said Colin Howe, Eltek Valere President and CEO. "Our expertise in power electronics, our established logistics chain – from component to customer delivery – and our global network of sales and service experts provides great advantages."

Theia HE-t solar inverters convert the energy from the solar panel to ac power that can be fed into the electricity grid. The new product line from Eltek Valere sets a 97% power conversion efficiency standard for isolated string inverters and enables the user to ground the positive or negative terminal on the dc side for use with either monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin-film photovoltaic (PV) panels of any technology, while maintaining the highest international safety standards.

The Theia HE-t solar inverters offer flexible connection kits that make it easy and cost-effective to configure for various conditions and country-specific requirements. With a protection level of IP65 and intelligent thermal design, they are able to withstand temperature variations, high humidity and dust levels, and can operate with convection cooling only, ensuring that the PV plant will operate consistently over the lifetime of the installation.

Multiple string inputs provide for easy installation and maintenance and can be used in applications such as residential and small commercial buildings. For sites with multiple string inverters installed, a single inverter can act as a central monitoring hub, collecting data from all inverters linked on the site network to provide a single point of access. Users can perform quick site performance checks with the integrated web server, either remotely or on-site, at any time.

"The Theia HE-t family is unique in the solar inverter market with its high-efficiency power conversion technology, global regulatory approvals and price competitiveness. High efficiency is crucial to maximizing the return from solar plants," said Ingvar Apeland, VP of Renewable Energy at Eltek Valere. "Theia HE-t can also be used with any available solar panel technologies in the world."