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Dual Port SiC-Based Fast Charger for Airport Ground Support Operations

October 01, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Minit Charger has released their newest fast charger, Altus II. This new dual-port fast charger, built using state-of-the-art silicon carbide (SiC) technology, provides the ground support and aviation industries a solution to charge multiple electric ground support equipment (eGSE) simultaneously, with a faster charge, in a smaller footprint, while also wirelessly sharing crucial charging data to Minit Charger's cloud-based business intelligence platform, AssetPro 360.

The Altus II is designed to power a variety of eGSE systems including electric baggage tractors, belt loaders, push backs and other electric GSE for reduced downtime in optimal performance.

Altus II takes into account ramp conditions with its ability to operate outdoor in extreme temperatures while also conserving much-needed ramp space with its pedestal or wall mounting options.

Altus II Features:

  • Dual Independent Charging Ports
  • Multi-Voltage, Multi-Amp-Hour Compatible (24V – 96V)
  • Compatible with Flooded and Sealed Lead Acid, Lithium Iron Phosphate & Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Graphic Touch Screen Color LCD Screen
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Optional Badge Reader to Control Operator Access
  • Cloud or LAN connectivity with AssetPro 360
  • User Specific Charge Event Tracking (AssetPro 360)
  • Energy Usage Reporting for Billing (AssetPro 360)

In addition to helping airports reduce carbon emissions through eGSE conversion, Minit Charger also helps airlines cut operating costs. The CellTrac battery monitoring device, used in conjunction with the Altus II charger, allows airlines to extend battery life and reduce service calls by reporting key battery data to the AssetPro cloud platform. Both charger and battery data can be analyzed from one seamless portal.

"Since inception, Minit Charger has pushed the limits of the industrial charging status quo," says Minit Charger CEO Arun Patel. "Through our strong foothold in the industry and the trust we've established with our long-time customers, we have been able to continue creating innovative products that truly address and serve the needs of our market, with Altus II being no exception."