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Dual-Output 45W AC-DC with <4mV Output Noise

July 14, 2017 by Paul Shepard

Originally developed as a custom solution for highly-sensitive electronic measuring equipment designed to capture experimental ring accelerator data, the new Eplax 3U 7HP 19" pluggable ac-dc power supply with output noise levels below 4 mV p-p is now available as a standard product through Verotec Inc. for any high sensitivity application where ripples and spikes on the output voltage must be as low as possible.

The dual output ac-dc power supply unit is rated at 45 Watts, with outputs of +15V / 1A and +24V / 1.2A. A special filter network for the output rails reduces ripples and spikes to the absolute minimum without violating the unit's slimline 7HP width. The quality and stability of the delivered output voltages are extraordinarily high; the noise voltage for all loads from idle to full load is lower than 4 mV p-p. Using the filtering technology developed for this design, ultra-low noise power supplies with other outputs can also be supplied.

These power supplies operate over an input voltage range of 115- to 230-Vac with a power factor greater than 0.6 and deliver a typical efficiency of 82%. They include output current limit, overvoltage and short circuit protection. Full rated power is delivered from 0 to 55 degrees C with derating of 1.4W/K up to 70 degrees C. Hold-up time at full load is at least 30ms at 230Vac and at least 10ms at 115Vac input.

The Eplax 3U 7HP is a primary switched mode plug-in power supply for 19" subrack systems according to DIN41494 in a 3U / 7HP aluminum cassette. The power supply is guided on the left hand side. The guiding height is 100 mm. The electrical connection is via an H15 connector according to DIN41612 in position 1.