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Compact Stepper Motors with High Torque

July 30, 2019 by Paul Shepard

With the SCA5618, Nanotec now offers a stepper motor with 15-30% more torque than comparable motors with a 56mm flange (NEMA 23). Thanks to an improved stator geometry and optimized magnetic materials, the rotor inertia is no higher than that of the predecessor model.

The SCA5618 is available in three lengths and with two different windings. Depending on length, the holding torque of this stepper motor is 0.6- to 2.3-Nm; it has a resolution of 1.8°. For a higher resolution, the SCA5618 can also be combined with an optical or magnetic encoder.

The integrated connector makes it easy to connect customized cables or replace an existing motor.

The new high-torque stepper motor from Nanotec can be ordered with an 8mm D shaft or with a round 6.35mm shaft. If more torque is required, the newly developed GP56 high-torque planetary gearboxes from Nanotec are a match for this stepper motor.

Summary of features

  • The A-shaft comes in two versions: with D-cut and 24mm shaft length (A) and without D-cut and 20.6 mm shaft length (A2).
  • Up to 2.3Nm holding torque
  • 8° Resolution
  • Integrated connector