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CALY Technologies Add 25A 1700V SiC Schottky Diode for DC Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

November 21, 2019 by CALY Technologies

This article highlights CALY Technologies KE17DJ25 25A, 1700V SiC Schottky diode ideally suited for high-efficiency power conversion applications.

November 21, 2019 – Lyon, France: CALY Technologies, specialist manufacturer of Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductor products for protection and power conversion applications, is very pleased to announce the release of a 25A, 1700V SiC Schottky Diode (KE17DJ25) ideally suited for high-efficiency power conversion applications, such as Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging applications, Industrial Power and Renewable Energy converters.

The KE17DJ25 is commercially available in wafer, bare die and 2-lead TO-247 package, allowing designers to use the device in a broad range of configurations. The TO-247-2L package option make possible the use of 1700V devices in high-pollution environments, such as charging stations and solar inverters.

CALY Technologies SiC Schottky diodes offer nearly zero reverse recovery and state-of-the-art forward voltage drop, leading to extremely low switching and conduction losses. This contributes to achieve higher efficiency systems, being faster, cooler, smaller and less costly than attainable with silicon (Si) devices. CALY Technologies offer wafers and bare die products with metallization compatible with top brazed connections (clips, power skins) as well as with standard wire bonding.

Thanks to the very short lead time offered by CALY Technologies, KE17DJ25 devices can be used in new designs as well as drop in replacements of other commercially available 25A, 1700V SiC Schottky diodes.


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CALY Technologies develop and manufacture specialty silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor products for advanced electrical protection and power conversion applications, allowing for more robust and less costly solutions in industrial, telecom, railway, electric vehicle (EV), renewable energy and medical markets.