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BrightLoop and EPC Partner on High Power DC/DC Converters

June 24, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

With high voltage ranges of 250 to 950V and low voltage ranges of 10 to 54V, the two units deliver 6 or 12 kW of power

The Value DCDC L and Value DCDC M high-density DC/DC converters are aimed at off-highway and commercial vehicles.

The Value DCDCL. Image courtesy of BrightLoop
The Value DCDCL. Image courtesy of BrightLoop

Part of BrightLoop’s VALUE DC-DC product line, the Value DCDC L and the ValueDCDC M can provide up to 12kW and 6kW, respectively. At the core of the new devices sits EPC’s EPC2029, an 80-volt enhanced mode power transistor with an RDS(ON) of 3.2 milliohms and a maximum continuous drain current of 48 amps.


The Value Converters’ Wide Applicability

The new units offer a power density of around 3kW/kg, which BrightLoop touts as “the best power density on the market”. Both units offer CAN bus controlled single or dual outputs over a 10 to 54-volt range, enabling them to work with 12V, 24V or 48V architectures. Similarly, the wide high voltage range enables interaction with either 400V or 800V battery systems.


EPC’s EPC2029 Enhancement Mode Power Transistor

The EPC2029 can handle a maximum 96V drain-source voltage and pulsed current of up to 360 amps. It features zero source-drain recovery charge (QRR) and a typical total gate charge (QG) of 13nC, enabling it to switch at high speeds.

Image courtesy of EPC. 
Image courtesy of EPC

The semiconductor operates over a -40 to 150℃ temperature range. It is available in passivated die form, 4.6 x 2.6mm, with solder bumps. 

In addition to the EPC2029’s applicability to high-speed DC/DC demonstrated by BrightLoop, the device will find use in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Motor Drives
  • Synchronous Rectification
  • Class-D Audio


Specifications of the Value DCDC L and the Value DCDC M

At 20 volts, the DCDC L can deliver 600 amps for 12kW and the DCDC M has a 300 amp capacity for 6kW. Both units offer short circuit protection, and feature line and load regulation of 10% for 0-100% step load in 100μs. 

Input/output isolation, tested for 60 seconds, is 2900 VDC. Idle mode power consumption is <100µA and global efficiency is greater than 94%

The CAN bus operates at speeds of up to 1000 Kbps. In addition to current limits and voltage points, it also controls the devices Conversion Modes, which are:

  • HV to LV
  • LV to HV
  • LV to LV (in dual LV configuration)


Combining Commercial and Off-Highway Know-How with Advanced Semiconductor Technology

Florent Liffran, CEO of BrightLoop Converters stated that “We are proud to bring our expertise along with EPC’s top technology to the commercial and off-highway markets. Our focus has always been to push the limits of performance further and with this new VALUE product line, our goal is clearly to bring our know-how to markets which have historically worked with heavy and bulky power electronics, making it possible for them to have a taste of outstanding performance, versatility and power density while remaining in their price range.” 

Alex Lidow, EPC’s CEO and co-founder, also commented, “We are delighted to continue our collaboration with BrighLoop Converters to demonstrate the capability of our eGaN FETs and ICs to deliver the superior performance and the extreme reliability needed in these commercial and off-highway vehicles. We look forward to working together on future applications.” 


Physical Considerations

  • Both DC/DC converters measure 327.5 x 330 x 68.2mm
  • The 12kW DCDC L and the 6kW DCDC M are specified to weigh <5kG and <4kG, respectively


Regulatory and Safety

The new units comply with market standards including:

  • ECE R 10
  • ECE R 100
  • LV 124
  • IP68
  • IP6K9K