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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Announces 600V MOSFETs in SMD-type TOLL Packages

November 23, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

The new Super Junction MOSFETS, feature a 115 mm2 footprint, fully 23% smaller than that of D2PAK devices

The first of the new devices, the AOTL125A60, is offered in TOLL SMD package, serving to reduce unwanted inductances and other parasitic elements and rendering the units to only 2.3 mm high off the PCB.


The AOTL125A60 is the first member of the new series.
The AOTL125A60 is the first member of the new series. Image courtesy of AOTL125A60 data sheet


The AOTL125A60 is the first available member of this new series. It features an RDS(ON) of 125 mΩ, and maximum VDS and IDM of 700 volts and 100 amps, respectively. Energy stored in output capacitance (Eoss) @ 400 volts is 6.3µJ.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) plans on introducing new series members to cover applications ranging from 200 watts to 3kW.


What are Superjunction MOSFETS?

As the left side of the graphic illustrates, a Planar MOSFET is transistor that is basically flat. The Super-Junction MOSFET, illustrated on the right, features multiple vertical PN junctions.


Planar MOSFET compared to Super-junction MOSFET.
Planar MOSFET compared to Super-junction MOSFET. Image courtesy of Rohm’s Techweb


The result is a semiconductor device with both both a lower QG and a lower RDS(ON). αMOS5 is AOS’s latest iteration of this technology for high voltage MOSFETs. 


TOLL Packages

The leadless nature of this package not only saves space, but enables high current carrying capacity and low RDS(ON). In addition, as compared to leaded packages, thermal characteristics and overall reliability are both improved. This is due to the closer connection that TOLL packages make to the PCB. 


Why the Fourth Lead? A Kelvin Connection

The reader may have noticed a fourth lead, marked with a “K” in the opening illustration of this article. That “K” stands for Kelvin. We describe Kelvin connections in our article, “New SiC FET Option for EV Charging Applications from UnitedSiC Adds 4-Lead Kelvin Device”. It is this Kelvin feature, when added to the TOLL package that serves to avoid the unwanted inductances mentioned earlier, that might otherwise inhibit switching speed.

As per Richard Zhang, Director of High Voltage MOSFET Product Line at AOS, “The new release of the Fast Switching 600V TOLL family is an important milestone, allowing AOS to support broader and higher power applications, extending our solutions to Low Profile Server Power and Compact PV Inverter systems.αMOS5 600V TOLL product is an ideal replacement for D2PAK and TO-220(F) packages. It helps significantly reduce the design space by eliminating paralleling devices and reducing device height, thanks to its 30% reduction in Rdson*Area versus earlier generation products.”


Specifications of the AOTL125A60

An extensive tabulation of specifics can be found at the AOTL125A60 data sheet. Some highlights include:


Static Parameters

Zero gate voltage drain current (IDSS):

Varies between 1 and 10 µA, depending on drain source voltage (VDS), gate source voltage (VGS) and junction temperature (TJ)


Dynamic Parameters (typical)

Input capacitance (CISS): 2.993nF

Output capacitance (COSS): 85pF


Switching Parameters (typical)

Total gate charge (QG): 39 nC  

Gate source charge (QGS): 19 nC

Gate drain charge (QGD): 9 nC 

Turn on and turn off delay times, TD(ON) and TD(OFF), are 39 and 56 ns, respectively

Turn off rise time (TR): 34 ns

Turn off fall time (TF): 19 ns



The new series of MOSFETS will find wide areas of application, including:

  • PowerAdapters
  • Quick Chargers
  • PC Power
  • Servers
  • Telecom
  • Hyperscale Datacenters
  • PFC and PWM stages
  • Industrial Power
  • Solar inverters


Environmental Considerations 

  • 100% UIS Tested
  • 100% Rg Tested
  • Operates over a junction temperature range of -55 to 150℃.