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AllCell Launches Line of Standard Li-ion Battery Modules for Renewable Energy Storage

March 29, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

AllCell Technologies LLC announced the launch of a line of lithium-ion energy storage modules. Based on the company’s proprietary thermal management technology, the modules deliver an industry-leading combination of energy density, cycle life, and safety. Even in extremely hot environments, the module’s passive thermal management system can sit exposed to the sun all day long without over-heating the lithium-ion cells. AllCell’s compact and lightweight modules are ideal for portable, mobile, or stationary applications where space, weight, and maintenance concerns are important.

As lithium-ion technologies improve and reduce in cost, an ever-increasing array of products are beginning to integrate lithium-ion energy storage. AllCell’s modules were designed to be easily combined into larger systems and are available in 24 or 48V configurations and sizes of 1.3, 2.7, or 5.4kWh with the option of either lithium iron phosphate or lithium nickel manganese cobalt chemistries. The modules’ exceptional energy density of up to 171 watt-hours per kilogram is well suited for:

-- Portable and mobile solar energy systems, especially for military and emergency response applications

-- Rooftop systems, including back-up power for telecommunications installations

-- Off-grid energy storage, particularly in locations where transportation or maintenance is difficult or expensive

AllCell’s proprietary thermal management technology protects the lithium-ion cells from overheating in the most demanding conditions, delivering a better cost per cycle than even lead acid. AllCell batteries can passively absorb environmental heat all day long, keeping cells cool during discharge and when the battery is exposed in direct sunlight in hot climates. The stored heat is then released back into the environment at night or after discharge. While other batteries quickly lose cycle life in hot conditions, AllCell batteries remain cool without any need for expensive air conditioning systems. According to AllCell CEO Said Al-Hallaj, "Our customers are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to integrate lithium-ion storage into their products, and they are shocked at how well our modules perform in hot weather compared to the lead acid ’wilting’ effects they are accustomed to."

Battery safety remains a concern across lithium-ion applications, and the same technology that keeps AllCell modules cool in hot weather also provides protection against fires and thermal runaway propagation. In each battery, AllCell’s thermal management technology is designed with the capacity to immediately absorb and distribute heat in case a single cell fails, preventing a chain reaction (technically referred to as thermal runaway propagation). The company’s technology has been evaluated by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and commercialized in military, medical, and e-mobility applications.