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Absopulse Unveils BAP5500 Power Supply System

February 05, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Absopulse Electronics Ltd. (Carp, ON) introduced its new BAP5500 high-performance power supply system designed to provide input-/output-voltage configurations up to a maximum of 5,500W (4,714W with redundancy). The standard input voltages are 24V, 48V, 125V, 250V and 360Vdc, with other input voltages available upon request. The system delivers any dc output voltage in the range of 12Vdc to 800Vdc. Multiple outputs are also possible.

The fully loaded BAP5500 shelf can hold up to seven modules, each separated by a redundancy diode. Failure of a single module is signaled by a built-in alarm and causes a one-seventh loss of power from a fully assembled shelf. The unit is fan cooled and provides rated output power over a temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees C. Forced thermal current sharing ensures equalized module temperature, improving system MTBF. Combined line-and-load regulation is between ±1 percent and ±2 percent, depending on the output voltage, and the output ripple noise is better than one percent peak-to-peak. Protection on the output includes over-voltage protection, current limiting with short-circuit protection and a self-resetting thermostat for thermal protection.

Measuring 5.25in high and 16in deep, the BAP5500 mounts in a standard 19in rack with terminations on the rear-panel. Several BAP5500 units can be stacked and connected in series/parallel on the output for output power in multiples of 5,500W. Options such as N+1 redundancy, remote shut-down, output-voltage adjustability, extended temperature ranges and various alarms are also available upon request. The BAP5500 is designed to meet international safety approvals, including IEC950, CSA22-2-950 and UL 1950. The unit also meets the requirements for EN55022 Class A EMI emissions as a minimum.

Pricing for the BAP5500 is $2,692 for quantities of one to four.