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3-Phase BLDC Shield and Reference Design for Arduino

September 22, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The BLDC_SHIELD_TLE9879 from Infineon is a BLDC Shield for Arduino with Infineon's TLE9879QXA40, a single chip 3-phase motor driver that integrates the industry standard Arm® Cortex®-M3 core, enabling the implementation of advanced motor control algorithms such as field-oriented control.

Target applications include 3D-printers, multi-axis CNC-milling machines, construction robot arms, multi-copter and other RC applications, side-mirrors, HVAC-flaps, light regulation, wiper, seat-control ands other automotive systems.

This Shield is designed to drive BLDC motors in combination with an Arduino compatible baseboard. The Shield is flashed with several motor control algorithms (sensorless FOC, Back EMF, hall sensor based block commutation), and it is controlled from the baseboard via SPI. Additionally, it has a 3x2 pin strip to easily connect the Hall pins of an electric motor.

It also allows the user to easily change the motor parameters of the motor control algorithms. The whole dataset of parameters can also be saved and loaded from the flash memory of the Shield or written and read from the Arduino.

The Shield has an RGB LED, which can be controlled by the user. Lastly, NANOTEC DB42S03 and Trinamic QBL4208-41-04-006 motors are recommended for our Arduino Shield.

The BLDC Shield is meant to be controlled with an Arduino Uno or Arduino compatible baseboard. The application diagram (below) shows the simplified connection scheme.

Application diagram.

The Auto-Addressing functionality will configure a dedicated Chip Select, regarding the board position in the stack. An external 12V supply voltage has to be attached to the BLDC shields to provide the right amount of current for the motor control.

Summary of Features:

  • TLE9879QXA40 chip
  • 3-phase motor driver
  • Implemented motor control algorithms
  • FOC, BEMF, Hall
  • Controlled over Arduino via SPI
  • Compatible with the Arduino Uno
  • Up to four Shields can be used simultaneously
  • Each Shield can be controlled independently
  • Motor parameters can be set for each Shield individually


  • Easy to use API, allowing the user to quickly setup an application
  • High performance BLDC motor control in form of the TLE987x chip