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2W Thermoelectric Module based on Skutterudite Technology

June 28, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Evident Thermoelectrics today announced the launch of the world's first thermoelectric product using skutterudite material technology – the Evident Skutterudite Test Kit. This thermoelectric material, which was originally developed by NASA to power deep space probes, operates in the mid- to high-temperature range, a range not currently offered by other commercially available thermoelectric products. The Evident Skutterudite Test Kit is available for sale today at a cost of $2,500, and consists of a 2-Watt mini-module, along with several P and N metalized legs that enable the purchaser to dabble in thermoelectrics.

This product launch comes only a few weeks after Evident announced its purchase of GMZ Energy, a Boston-based company with scientific roots that trace back to the labs of MIT and Boston College.

“Evident has a reputation for being the first to commercialize products based on emerging technology, including the world’s first quantum dot LEDs in 2008, and the first semiconductor nanocrystals in 2002” said Dr. Clinton Ballinger, CEO of Evident Thermoelectrics. “This product launch is the first in a series of products designed to enable customers to explore using thermoelectrics for their applications.”

Many green-minded product developers around the world have been searching for a way to recover otherwise wasted heat, and this thermoelectric technology being commercialized by Evident is designed to work at temperatures up to 550 degrees C, enabling waste heat to be converted into electricity.

“This first commercial thermoelectric product will pave the way for things to come,” Dr. Bed Poudel, CTO Evident Thermoelectrics. “We intend to launch thermoelectric products based on other material systems as well, spanning a range of temperatures of interest to our customers.”