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12W USB Solar Charger is Shatterproof and Weather-Resistant

November 30, 2017 by Paul Shepard

2017 Holiday Gift Ideas - Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. announced the availability of their newest innovative product, the Ascent XD™12 USB Solar Charger, on Amazon.

With 12 Watts of solar power and a 2.0 Amp smart USB output, the durable, lightweight and compact Ascent XD12 USB Solar Charger can charge most smartphones, tablets, and USB-enabled devices as fast as a wall outlet.

The enhanced smart USB circuit determines the maximum power the device is able to receive, and ensures the best possible charging performance directly from the sun. Specifically designed to meet the needs of soldiers in harsh battlefield environments, the XD12 is built with Ascent Solar's Extreme CIGS solar technology to ensure utmost durability in rugged environments.

The rugged, shatterproof, and weather-resistant construction withstands shocks, drops, punctures, and other damage like scrapes, cuts, and bullet hole damages and punctures including bullets shot to power through the most extreme conditions.

Whether you're on an expedition trip, backpacking, camping, or simply spending time in the great outdoors, its compact design conveniently fits in your bag or backpack, allowing you to carry unlimited solar power everywhere.

"The Ascent XD12 USB Solar Charger achieves a unique combination of performance, durability, and flexibility when it comes to personal solar chargers. Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, off-grid professional, or war fighter the Ascent XD12 USB Solar Charger will deliver dependable high-speed charging in a variety of conditions," said Todd Dunham, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at Ascent Solar.

"This is the first of many innovative solar products to launch under the Ascent Solar brand and we have more on the way. Look for upcoming announcements about new product launches based on our award winning solar technology in the Defense, Space, UAV/Drone and consumer products markets," concluded Dunham.