Power Supply Design - Protecting a load


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I designed power supply to supply 25V to a load that will draw 5 amps.

I have not considered the situation when the load shuts down, while it is connected to the power source.

What would you suggest? How would I protect the load if it is at risk?

Thank you ...
What do you mean when you say "shut down?"

If "shut down" means that it stops drawing current, and the power supply is a voltage source, then the load is not at risk.

Or if by "shut down" you mean that it "shorts out" then some kind of current limiting or power limiting on the part of the power supply is indicated.

A good power supply design will usually have at least a fuse or current limiting to protect the power supply and reduce the risk of fire.

Let me know if that helps. I have other thoughts if not.
@FlEtChEr Thank you. I do think that helps.

I hope you'll be available if I try to reply again with more questions. :)