UC3843 dc to dc flyback isolated power supply converter 60v to 5v 2A build issue

Hi , team,

i'm trying this Circuit pdf : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1240GaEOLu_LdQFB7-aODWtbztO7Jl1po

if I divide this ckt into 3 steps
1 UC3843 IC
we successfully get a square wave with 60khz freq. with 45v amplitude when input is 45v.
2 MOSFET We have successfully switched MOSFET using UC3843 IC
3 Flyback Transformer and its feedback optocoupler, whenever we connect the primary MOSFET switching, goes(PWM OUTPUT GOES OFF/NO volt at output) OFF.

in short i'm able to generate 60 khz though UC3843, then swithing to mosfet, but now when i connect transformer with its feedback though Optocpuler is not working.

here all BOM & transformer info I'm using

Can someone please help, even I can pay some amount for support ,

thanks in advance
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