What to do to prevent reverse connection of the power supply

In remote networking projects, it is easy to misuse the reverse connection of the power supply. However, the reverse polarity of the power supply will usually cause the back-end capacitor to explode or the chip to burn, resulting in irreversible consequences.
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To prevent a reverse connection of a power supply, you can use a diode, a fuse, or a polarized connector. A diode allows current to flow in only one direction, while a fuse will blow if too much current flows in the reverse direction. A polarized connector ensures that the power supply can only be connected in the correct orientation. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that the power supply is appropriately labeled with the correct polarity and to always verify the correct orientation before making a connection.
Late reply, but a good circuit for reverse polarity is the combination of diode and fuse, with fuse in series with the connector and diode connected across the poles such that if the polarity is connected correctly, the diode is blocking and in reverse the diode conducts (acting as a short-circuit) drawing a large current and blowing the fuse.