Power Metering at 3 Phase Wire


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I want to ask something about 3 phase power distribution.

So, I had a survey at a hotel.
In their panel, I found the RST cables.
But every each of them have three cables to reduce the heat cause by the current.
So, R had 3 cables, S also have 3 cables and T is the same.

After that they pass it through to the Power Monitoring device and which shows 500A.
At the peak, It could reach 1000A.

My question is, is the 500A or 1000A current which go through the cables are being distributed evenly to all of the cables ?

Because I planned to use CT to my device and see the current consumption.
The problem is, I can't find the CT with spec over 1000A in my country.
If the current load is distributed evenly, then maybe I could just use 9 CT with each of them have spec of 150A.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you
Unfortunately no the current is not going to be evenly distributed. It could be close but a +- 10 -20% variation between lines could be expected and be considered normal.

Also the 500 - 1000 amps is on all three phases at the same time so each phase needs to have a 500 - 1000 amp capable CT. If it was equated as being a two wire single phase load it would be 1500 - 3000 amps.

Why do you wish to monitor the power consumption yourself? Isn't there a main utility meter for that?