Making My Own Ferrite Toroid Core


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David Blakeney

I've had a pretty good time figuring out the mold and shape of the cores I'm making. But, I don't entirely understand how to calculate core saturation.

Any help would be great.
What do you mean by core saturation: 1. is it for the material specification? or 2. to design a component with the correct turns and air gaps for an application?

If your aim is No. 1, then the B vs H of the materials plots can be found in lots of specifications sheet from the manufacturer. These are done mostly with no air gaps in core. Remember, the B and H are core geometry independent, to make things simple.

If you are designing a customized core for an application and need to know when not to reach core saturation, then the B vs H information along with the core geometry and design (eg. turn count, air gap) will decide the component saturation.
Because we do not know what you made the core out of, I think you need to apply current and measure the inductance at current to see where the core saturates. There are several different ways to know where the core saturates.
Because we don't know the mix of Iron & Zinc, and we don't know how dense the mix is, you will have to make a coil and see how it saturates. Do you need help with that?