Junji Yamada

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Junji Yamada (山田 順治) joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 1985. After working for 5 years as an analog electronic circuit designer for engine ignition systems, he has been involved in power module development since 1990. He has been engaged in power module development for about 20 years, from bipolar systems such as transistor modules and diode modules to MOS systems such as MOSFET modules and IGBT modules. For three years from 2011, he belonged to the technical support department of the power module at the German branch, and returned to Japan in 2014. After returning to Japan, he belonged to the Applied Technology Department and was in charge of technical marketing, development planning, and sales expansion technical support. Now he works as the General Manager of the Applied Technology Department, Power Device Works at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Fukuoka, Japan.

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