Yeong-Long to Make Maxwell Ultracapacitors in China

March 09, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Maxwell Technologies Inc. (San Diego, CA) has formed an alliance with Yeong-Long Technologies Co. Ltd. (Taichung, Taiwan), a privately held manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors, to manufacture and market its proprietary BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor products in China. Maxwell is scheduled to begin purchasing finished ultracapacitors from Yeong-Long in 2004, which will supplement its internal production capacity.

In addition to the license, Maxwell will assist Yeong-Long establish manufacturing lines in China and train their manufacturing and marketing personnel. Maxwell will also supply Yeong-Long with its proprietary electrode material to make ultracapacitor cells. Under the terms of the agreement, Maxwell will receive payments for its services and for the supply of electrode material as well as royalties on Yeong-Long's ultracapacitor sales.