Yank Technologies to Unveil High Power Wireless Charging Tech

January 07, 2020 by Paul Shepard

New York-based start-up company, Yank Technologies, will introduce its high power, wireless charging solution for the automotive sector at CES 2020, Jan. 7-10. The charging technology is the first high power, near field solution that can do the job efficiently and safely. It can be installed as original equipment in various places within a vehicle and charge multiple mobile devices wirelessly at once without contact and regardless if the devices are in use.

Pictured above is the MotherBox (on the left) from Yank Technologies and the MotherBox Mini (on the right). The MotherBox is designed to be used at home or at work to charge multiple devices at the same time without them having to make any physical contact with it. Put the MotherBox Mini in your bag with your tablet and/or smartphone and never worry about being left with low battery when you're on the move.

"We are excited to introduce our barrier-free wireless charging technology to the automotive market - helping automakers incorporate new features and create new and amazing experiences for passengers," said Josh Yank, CEO of Yank Technologies, Inc. "Our unique solution is versatile, truly wireless, and powers devices regardless if they are in motion and without contact."

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Yank Technologies' solution is based on three-dimensional antenna arrays and new amplifier developments. The antennas have the highest intrinsic quality ("Q") or efficiency in the world with measured antenna Qs over 1,100 to charge electronic devices at greater distances more efficiently by overcoming skin and proximity effects more effectively than traditional antennas at radio frequencies.

The amplifiers are the first-of-its-kind, enabling Yank's technology to handle a wide range of reflections, and unpredictable device positions and distances. Furthermore, its unique three-dimensional antenna architecture and amplifiers are mass producible, use automotive grade components, combat extreme heat, and are safe to use with a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value well below 1.6W/kg.

The technology's flexible design not only offers a convenient charging solution for passengers, but can also be applied to other functions in the car. For example, the technology can be used to power a wide range of high-power-consumption vehicle components such as actuators, sensors, seats, LEDs, and motors.

At CES, the company will demonstrate its efficient, high power, and scalable charging technology via an interactive center console display. The demo will have an output power of approximately 20 watts and be able to charge multiple devices simultaneously. In addition to its center console display, Yank Technologies will showcase its launchpad technology, the MotherBox - the first true wireless charger with no contact required. Yank Technologies' booth (#52542) will be located in Eureka Park (part of Hall G - Tech West, Sands Expo Level 1).

Summary of Yank Technologies' Announcement

  • Interactive center console display will demonstrate the technology's efficient, high power, and scalable characteristics
  • Technology can charge multiple mobile devices wirelessly at once without contact and regardless if the devices are in use
  • Technology can also charge vehicle parts and electronics to reduce wiring and assembly costs