Westport, BMW AG Collaborate on Hydrogen Engine

March 26, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Westport Innovations Inc. (Vancouver, BC) announced that it has inked a collaboration agreement with BMW AG (Munich, Germany). The agreement calls for Westport to provide fuel injection hardware and engineering support, including a set of prototype Westport hydrogen fuel injectors. BMW AG will use a research engine to test the Westport fuel injectors. Westport retains the intellectual property rights for the injectors. BMW AG will substantially fund the costs of this program.

David Demers, Westport president and CEO said, "Westport natural gas injectors, and our direct injection experience, are the perfect stepping stones to the development of high-performance hydrogen fuel systems."

The cost of the BMW program and the price for the Westport hardware and engineering support were not disclosed. The agreement runs to September 2003.