van Raam & Veloform To Serial Equip Vehicles With SFC EFOY Fuel Cells

February 17, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

SFC (Smart Fuel Cell) AG announced that two manufacturers of electrically powered vehicles have opted simultaneously to integrate the EFOY (Energy For You) fuel cell as serial equipment in their vehicles. With immediate effect, the Dutch bicycle manufacturer van Raam and Veloform GmbH, the German manufacturer of the CityCruiser Velotaxi, will start manufacturing particular product lines with the environmentally friendly EFOY power supply as standard equipment.

The EFOY fuel cell is said to offer decisive advantages: it recharges the batteries off-grid – i.e. away from any power point and even during vehicle operation. The driver does not have to park his vehicle for recharging anymore. It is claimed that annoying and costly interruptions, in which the vehicle cannot be used, are thus completely eliminated. With an extremely low weight the EFOY fuel cells are said to ensure almost unlimited mileage for vehicles. With a single fuel cartridge a light electric vehicle can cover up to 1,000km. Operation of the fuel cell is environmentally friendly – the only by-products are water and carbon dioxide in an amount equivalent to what is contained in the breath of a child. The fuel for the EFOY fuel cell is nowadays also generated also from renewable resources.

van Raam specializes in the production of bicycles and bicycle frames to customer specification. Alongside the wide range of standard styles the company also produces vehicles to meet individual requirements. The "Fun2Go" tricycle developed by van Raam for inner city traffic, which will now be equipped with an EFOY fuel cell, is intended as an alternative for biking in pairs, transporting loads and for users with physical handicaps.

The CityCruiser and DeliveryCruiser vehicles from Veloform GmbH, also known as velotaxis, are transport vehicles with an electric support motor. They are so-called pedelecs (pedal electric cycle), i.e. bicycles with support motor. Use of the EFOY fuel cell also enables actively cooling or heating of the storage space.