Total Mobile Power Develops True Sine-Wave Inverter Technology

July 11, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Total Mobile Power has developed innovative true sine-wave inverter technology giving high efficiency at low dc supply voltages and minimal no-load power. This technology will be of particular interest to manufacturers of mobile, off-grid and alternative power systems who wish to minimise power losses in the conversion to mains ac power.

A prototype 24 to 230Vac 4kW inverter using this technology has greater than 95% efficiency from 270 to 4200W and a peak efficiency of 97.2% at 1500W.

The prototype no-load power is less than 9W. The production version of this inverter will be rated at 5kW continuous output at an ambient temperature of 40°C and have a surge rating of 8kW for 3 seconds.

The modular technology allows high power, compact and lightweight inverters to be assembled from the basic 5kW block. A 20kW inverter made up from four power modules is expected to be just 440 x 540 x 230mm (17 x 21 x 9 inches) and weigh less than 30kg (67lb).

"New ways of generating power, such as fuel cells and sustainable energy sources, are now becoming viable and many of these produce power at low DC voltages. This has highlighted the need for highly efficient inverters that are optimised to work at these low voltages" said Total Mobile Power’s Chief Engineer Chris Fotherby. "Over the last several years we have made a number of innovations in different areas of inverter technology which together give the high efficiency we have achieved. We are pleased with the developments we have made in this area and we believe this efficiency is superior to that of other inverters currently available."

Total Mobile Power Ltd plans to design and manufacture inverters for off-grid and alternative power solutions and seeks OEM partnerships with other innovative companies working in these areas.

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