Stanley Black & Decker Partners with Israeli-Based Wireless Charging Startup

June 19, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Stanley Black & Decker announced its investment in Humavox, an innovator in wireless charging technology. The partnership will enable Humavox to bring wireless charging to a broad array of products and technologies, while enabling efficient and uninterrupted usage of battery power. As part of this strategic partnership, Stanley Black & Decker is the lead investor in Humavox's current funding round.

This cooperation signals a significant step in Humavox's progression into the commercial and industrial space. This partnership will help Humavox make wireless charging more feasible and more readily available.

The strategic partnership is led by Stanley Ventures, a division of Stanley Black & Decker. Humavox is paving the way for widespread 3D wireless charging. With Humavox technology, everyday objects can turn into "hidden chargers," including anything from car cup holders and gym bags, and more. The company's technology uses near-field radio frequency (RF) charging to transform any of such "storage instrument/device/object" into a charger, so that users can keep using their portable electronics fully powered.

ETERNA, Humavox's wireless charging technology, is a flexible platform comprising proprietary semiconductor devices (chipsets), state of the art algorithms and high compatibility with off the shelf components that features a receiving chip that is small enough to fit into the tiniest device.

With its ETERNA platform, Humavox uses near-field radio frequency (RF) technology, and provides users with a simple and intuitive charging experience ("drop & charge"). The technology can be implemented in the smallest of devices, such as hearables, wearables and IoT devices.

The ETERNA platform includes the, the smallest wireless charging receiver available. It features miniaturized circuitry with an incredibly small antenna that enables easy OEM integration. The Thunderlink is able to fit the smallest of electronic devices, without the need for industrial redesign.

Thunderlink receiver.

The ETERNA power transmitter (Tx) is the three-dimensional design-free wireless charging station, Called NEST. The NEST wireless charging station be a case, a bowl, a box or any other object. With the ETERNA wireless charging platform technology, the wireless charging station has nearly no volumetric or geometric design constraints. This allows product designers to completely control and shape the user experience, charging functionality and interface, as well as the charging station’s size, look and feel.

One possible implementation of the NEST wireless charging station.

ETERNA’s proprietary smart charging optimization system is installed in any NEST charging station is called the Charging Optimizer. All changes needed to perfect the charging process are managed by the Charging Optimizer in real-time.

The Charging Optimizer manages the energy transmission when one or many devices inside the NEST are power-pending. Moreover, it assures high wireless power transfer efficiency by directing the energy outflow to the pickup element within the device, while preventing the waste of energy. By stopping the energy outflow as soon as the charging process is completed, the Charging Optimizer utilizes energy effectively.

"This investment further solidifies Stanley's partnership with Humavox to bring wireless charging capabilities to both commercial and industrial applications," says Larry Harper, VP, Stanley Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Stanley Black & Decker.

"Humavox provides seamless wireless charging experiences, without changing user's usability habits, and the advanced integration required for wireless charging across various apps and products, which were unaddressed by wireless charging before," says Omri Lachman, CEO of Humavox. "Of all the advanced technologies currently being developed in Israel, we are proud to be Stanley's first investment in the region."