Solectria Force EV Equipped With Maxwell Ultracapacitors

October 15, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Solectria Corp. (Wilmington, MA) recently announced that a Solectria Force electric sedan that is equipped with Maxwell Technologies (San Diego, CA) ultracapacitors performs significantly better overall than a typically-equipped electric car. A recently completed research project by the Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium (Boston, MA) and the Vermont Electric Vehicle Program (Waterbury, VT) showed that a car equipped with an ultracapacitor has a 32-percent greater range and allows for enhanced battery capability. The ultracapacitor supplemented the battery pack by absorbing energy from degenerative braking, and then releasing it for bursts of acceleration."These results really demonstrate how our ultracapacitors enhance the performance of hybrid electric vehicles," commented Richard Smith, senior vice-president of business development for the PowerCache division of Maxwell Technologies. "We believe they will be an important factor in advancing hybrid-vehicle development."