Solarex Dedicates 43kW Thin-Film System

April 26, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Solarex (Frederick, MD) announced the commissioning of the largest US-based solar electric system using its Millennia thin-film solar electric modules. The newly dedicated, 43kW system uses 1,400 Millennia modules and is located on top of the BJ's Wholesale Club in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. The solar modules were sold to Sun Power Electric (Westborough, MA), who were awarded funds through Solarex's VASE (Virginia Alliance for Solar Electricity) Program. Electricity generator from the modules is being sold to Green Mountain Energy, which markets and sells it to customers in Pennsylvania.VASE is a mid-Atlantic based group that includes Solarex, Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection; the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy; Virginia Power; the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology; the North Carolina Solar Center; the Maryland Energy Administration; and the New Jersey Commerce & Economic Growth Commission. VASE's goal is to develop and deploy low-cost, standardized solar electric systems using Solarex's Millennia thin-film solar electric modules. The program has secured $8.4 million of public and private support to install solar photovoltaic systems from North Carolina to New Jersey.The company also announced it has made an investment to acquire a minority share in Africa Solar (Pty) Ltd., a solar module manufacturing company based near Pretoria, South Africa. Solarex will ship semi-finished solar cells to Africa Solar's plant in Centurion where they will be made into solar modules destined for the South African market. Solarex plans to continue selling its Solarex brand products through its authorized distributor, First National Battery (FNB). Solarex stated that the investment in Africa Solar affords it the opportunity to gain a stronger market foothold in the developed and emerging markets in South Africa while also allowing Solarex to better serve its customers.