Solare Datensysteme and BKW to Merge

August 12, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

The merger of Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS) and BKW AG is expected to create synergies for both companies. BKW is entering into the photovoltaic service business, responding to the growing customer needs to produce energy themselves and to have smart consumption management. With BKW, SDS gains access to power trading and additional potential customers. BKW has over 1,000,000 customers in Switzerland alone, not including its strong BKW customer base in Germany, France and Italy. SDS can also expand its product portfolio to include other renewable energy sectors.

SDS has developed and distributed its Solar-Logâ„¢ devices and customer-specific web solutions with its Solar-Log Portal. Its solutions go beyond just PV plant monitoring for smart energy and include feed-in management and numerous system enhancements that effectively support operators and installers around the world. The specialist for inverter independent "Made in Germany" monitoring systems, SDS products are used in 65 countries to monitor more than 1.33 million MPP trackers with a total output of over 9.9GW.

For BKW, the merger with SDS is another step towards implementing its strategy of becoming a provider of comprehensive energy solutions. BKW is expanding and strengthening its expertise in the area of energy efficiency, developing its know-how in the promising market for PV monitoring and the optimization of self-produced power consumption.

Together BKW and SDS will continue to develop innovative solutions in the area of building technology and optimization of self-consumption. As a company that develops manufacturer-independent solutions, SDS is well prepared to take advantages of synergies with Ampard, for example, a start-up company that BKW has a stake in. SDS and BKW will develop joint solutions and products for energy management that can be globally marketed.

"We are delighted to have found a strong partner like BKW, which also shares our values and is close to us geographically," says Frank Schlichting, CEO of Solare Datensysteme. "And this means our key unique selling point of vendor independence will remain unaffected." Suzanne Thoma, CEO of BKW, underscores the importance of the acquisition: "BKW is looking forward to working on some exciting and pioneering projects with its new subsidiary and welcomes all SDS employees to the BKW family."