SiC and more from ROHM Semiconductor at Techno Frontier

May 14, 2015 by Power Pulse1595211359

Next week at Techno Frontier in Tokyo, ROHM Semiconductor will be exhibiting a wide variety of key devices that achieve highly efficient power conversion – an amalgamation of state-of-the-art power device technology, LSI control technology, and module technology that incorporates the two. ROHM's theme this year at Techno Frontier is: "Smart Industries by Analog Power." In the corner for SiC power devices, ROHM will exhibit several products such as increasingly relevant SiC-loaded applications, as well as its world-first, mass-produced trench-structured SiC-MOSFET. On Day Three of the event, Friday, 22 May, President of Fukushima SiC Applied Engineering Inc., Mr Yuji Kokubo, will present on the principles and applications of the latest ultra-high voltage SIC-pulse generators at a lunch session.

Other attractions at the event will be showings specific to ROHM’s analog power technology – including the ‘Photocoupler-Insulated Flyback Converter’, which promises to contribute to the size-minimization of applications. Additionally, there will be the ‘Bluetooth® Smart General-Purpose Low-Energy Wireless Module’ from Lapis Semiconductor, a subsidiary of the ROHM Group. Furthermore, inside the booth there will six sub-themes, including the highly efficient, low-energy ‘Motor Driver’ for the next generation of motors, as well as the HEMS / IoT-optimal ‘Wi-SUN General-Purpose Wireless Module’. With this, engineers will be on hand each day to conduct presentations and familiarize patrons with ROHM technologies.

Key exhibits will include: SiC Power Devices including Full SiC Power Modules that achieve high currency (1200V / 300A) and Pulse generators fitted with the high-performance, micro SiC-MOSFET; Power Devices including HybridMOS, a newly designed electrical transistor that boasts both SJ MOSFET and IGBT characteristics and Newly designed Sulfur-Tolerant Chip Resistor, which can be safely used in sulfur-rich environments such as with automobiles and industrial equipment; Power Management including Photocoupler-Insulated Flyback Converter, which is long running and improves equipment safety and Organic thin film solar cells that can generating power effectively in both low- and high-UV environments;

Motor Control including 3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver for polygon mirrors, enabling extremely low-revolution jitters in devices such as laser printers and PrestoMOS™-equipped IPM, which contributes to lowered power consumption in energy-saving household appliances and industrial equipment; and Networks including HD-PLC Inside Baseband IC, which is compatible with M2M and IoT, Wireless module that is compatible with Wi-SUN, an international wireless communication standard optimized for smart communities and Bluetooth® Smart General-Purpose Low-Energy Wireless Module from Lapis Semiconductor, a subsidiary of the ROHM Group

ROHM will host an invitation-only lunch session on Friday, 22 May from 13:05–13:55 at Makuhari Messe, Hall 4 Symposium room. The lectures will include: 1) ‘Latest Technological Trends in SiC Power Devices’ presented by Taka Nakamura, Head of Research and Development, ROHM Co., Ltd. and 2) ‘Principles and Applications of the Latest Ultra-High Voltage SIC-Pulse Generators’ presented by Yuji Kokubo, Managing Director, Fukushima SiC Applied Engineering Inc. While this lunch session will be free, an entry badge will be necessary for attendance and badges will be distributed at the ROHM Booth on Friday, 22 May from 10 am to 12 pm. Seating is limited.