Shell Hydrogen and International Fuel Cells Form Joint Venture

June 19, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Shell Hydrogen US, a division of Shell Oil Products Co. (Shell, Netherlands), and International Fuel Cells (South Windsor, CT), a unit of United Technologies Corp. (Hartford, CT), announced the formation of HydrogenSource LLC (South Windsor, CT). The fifty-fifty joint venture plans to develop, manufacture and sell fuel processors and hydrogen generation systems for emerging fuel cell and hydrogen fuel applications.

HydrogenSource will design, manufacture and market fuel-processing systems for commercial, residential and transportation fuel cell power plants, as well as distributed hydrogen-fueling applications for retail or commercial filling locations. The new company will be headquartered in South Windsor, CT. Its staffing is expected to approach 200 people by the end of next year, with the majority of personnel dedicated to research, development and engineering. The management team consists of executives from both joint-venture companies. Its president will be Phil Snaith, and its officers will include Larry Holland, vice president of marketing; Fran Kocum, vice president of technology; Howard Farrer, vice president of operations; and Steve Evans, vice president of finance.

“Fuel cells continue to emerge as the power plant of the future, and fuel-processing systems are critical to the rapid commercialization of this game-changing technology,” said Phil Snaith, president of HydrogenSource. “By combining the complementary technological and marketing strengths of both joint-venture partners, HydrogenSource has the potential to become a global industry leader.”