SatCon to Develop New HEV Drive Train

June 18, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

SatCon Technology Corp. (Cambridge, MA) announced that it was selected by the US Department of Energy to develop an optimized hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) drive train. The objective of the program is to incorporate SatCon's new motor and electronic control technologies into an advanced electric drive train for HEVs that will operate more efficiently over the full vehicle speed range.

"The drive train will build off the work we have been doing for the Department of Energy under our $10.0 million advanced integrated power module, or AIPM, program," said SatCon President and CEO David Eisenhaure. "Basically, we will take a 35kW AIPM module and combine it with a new high-efficiency motor to construct an advanced, low-cost motor drive for use with hybrid-electric cars. The AIPM module is currently in its fourth generation, or production prototype phase, and is being integrated for upcoming reliability and environmental testing."