Rohde & Schwarz to Deliver Oscilloscope Day 2021 Digital Seminar

March 29, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

Rohde and Schwarz offer electrical engineers a free seminar event covering the in and outs of oscilloscopes and applications in real-world electronics design testing challenges.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG is an international electronics group based in Munich, Germany. The technology and market leader develops, produces, and supplies products for a variety of business sectors including radio frequency (RF) test and measurement, wireless communications, broadcast and media, air traffic control and military radiocommunications, cybersecurity, and network technology. 

Recently, the company announced that it will be hosting its Oscilloscope Days 2021 digital seminar in May. The seminar event will be two days long and focuses on teaching electronics engineers about oscilloscopes and the latest need-to-know information regarding these essential engineering tools. 


Rohde and Schwarz offer electrical attendees expert-level oscilloscope training. Image used courtesy of Rohde & Schwarz 


By displaying a waveform of electric signals, engineers can observe how voltage changes over time through an oscilloscope. Voltage is an electrical force that drives a current through a circuit. A circuit is a path between two or more points. Circuits deliver electrical energy needed to power all manner of electronics products such as mobile phones, stereo systems, televisions, and other homeware appliances. Sometimes the voltage can change and not behave correctly which can cause a device to not work properly. Oscilloscopes can help find where the distortion of voltage is coming from and so help aid circuit repair. There are two types of oscilloscopes; analog and digital. 

In a recent news release, Vice President Oscilloscopes at Rohde & Schwarz, Dr. Andreas Werner, provided his comments on the upcoming seminar event: “Oscilloscopes are widely recognized as the main tool every electronics engineer needs on their desk and are used across a wide variety of industries and applications. Starting a learning journey with oscilloscopes, or keeping up to speed with the newest and most advanced options, can be a challenge, but we’re here to support electronics engineers with their challenges.”


The Oscilloscope Day 2021 Seminar

Rohde & Schwarz are offering electrical engineers a chance to delve into the details of oscilloscopes through virtual hands-on sessions that can be applied to real-world design challenges. The live training webcast will be free to attend and has been scheduled to commence on May 18 and 19 this year. 

The sessions covered by the webcast will be streamed in four languages: Russian, German, English, and French. Attendees will be able to interact directly with technical experts including Würth Elektronik, Farnell, and Rohde & Schwarz. They will provide attendees with comprehensive training and impart knowledge on the fundamentals and test features of modern digital oscilloscopes.

The seminar event will begin with an introduction to current analog and digital electronics design testing challenges. The technical principles of basic scope measurements and electronic design testing challenges will then be explored. Attendees will also learn about measurement setup, choosing the right instrument, and the key features of different test instruments. 

Discussions will be held to cover signal integrity and electromagnetic interference (EMI) debugging. Discussions for EMI debugging will run through the prototyping stage to the final product PASS. Attendees will be able to utilize a chat function that will enable them to interact with Rohde & Schwarz and partner experts. 

To find out more about Oscilloscope Days 2021 and to register for the event, you can visit this page.